EMP Studios offers a wide range of services which include Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Video Production, Photoshoots, Promotional materials and more.


EMP studios provides recording services to fulfill all of your artistic needs; songs, poems, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. We record all kinds of music genres and use professional world-recognized audio recording equipment to guarantee satisfaction.


We use a wide variety of plugins so our sound engineers can combine all recorded vocals with instrumentals to achieve the harmonic and smooth sound you’re looking for.


In this final stage of production, our engineers perfect the entire song producing a professional and ready to be streamed.

Remote Mixing and Mastering

Not a local? Not a problem. For clients residing outside of the DFW area, contact us. We can make arrangements to receive your vocal, instrumental, or demo tracks, and any additional notes. You will be provided a streamlined product in a reasonable time

Promotional Materials

 Promotional packages are provided by our in-house partners, Offswitch Media. Standard and Personalized promo packages are available and able to fit any budget with a variety of promotional materials to select from. Whether you need high quality screen printed apparel, stickers, or video editing, we have you covered.